Stephen King – Thinner

Thinner by Stephen King was the 22nd book by the novelist and was originally released under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.

This novel was first published on November 19, 1984. Twelve years later, the story was the inspiration for a movie starring Robert John Burke and Joe Mantegna.

Thinner book description

Billy Halleck, good husband, loving father, is both beneficiary and victim of the American Good Life: he has an expensive home, a nice family, and a rewarding career as a lawyer.

But he is also fifty pounds overweight and, as his doctor keeps reminding him, heading into heart attack country.

Then, in a moment of carelessness, Billy sideswipes an old gypsy woman as she is crossing the street — and her ancient father passes a bizarre and terrible judgment on him.

“Thinner,” the old gypsy man whispers, and caresses his cheeks like a lover. Just one word… but six weeks later and ninety-three pounds lighter, Billy Halleck is more than worried. He’s terrified.

And desperate enough for one last gamble… that will lead him to a nightmare showdown with the forces of evil melting his flesh away.

Stephen King Thinner

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