Stephen King – The Talisman

Stephen King’s The Talisman is a book that he wrote with Peter Straub and was published on November 8, 1984.

This novel was subsequently nominated for both a Locus Award and World Fantasy Award.

In September 2001, the pair released a sequel called Black House.

The Talisman book description

Jack Sawyer, twelve years old, is about to begin a most fantastic journey, an exalting, terrifying quest for the mystical Talisman — the only thing that can save Jack’s dying mother.

But to reach his goal, Jack must make his way not only across the breadth of the United States but also through the wondrous and menacing parallel world of the Territories.

In the Territories, Jack finds another realm, where the air is so sweet and clear a man can smell a radish being pulled from the ground a mile away — and a life can be snuffed out instantly in the continuing struggle between good and evil.

Here Jack discovers “Twinners,” reflections of the people he knows on earth — most notably Queen Laura, the Twinner of Jack’s own imperiled mother.

As Jack “flips” between worlds, making his way westward toward the redemptive Talisman, a sequence of heart-stopping encounters challenges him at every step.

Stephen King The Talisman

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