Stephen King – Rage

Stephen King’s Rage was the 4th novel to be released┬áby the author, although was originally published under the pen name Richard Bachman.

This book is no longer being printed due to the sensitive nature of the story – the description below should indicate why this is the case. It can therefore only be obtained as a used copy, either as the original Rage novel or as part of the Bachman books collection.

This book was released on September 13, 1977.

Rage book description

A disturbed high-school student with authority problems kills one of his teachers and takes the rest of his class hostage.

Over the course of one long, tense and unbearable hot afternoon, Charlie Decker explains what led him to this drastic sequence of events, while at the same time deconstructing the personalities of his classmates, forcing each one to justify his or her existence.

Stephen King Rage

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