Stephen King – Four Past Midnight

Four Past Midnight is a collection of four novellas by Stephen King that was released in September 1990.

Two of the stories have since been adapted – Secret Window, Secret Garden was made into a movie called Secret Window that starred Johnny Depp, while The Langoliers was made into a CBS miniseries.

Four Past Midnight book description

Four Times Fear Equals Total Terror….

The Langoliers: You are strapped in an airplane seat on a flight beyond hell.

Secret Window, Secret Garden: You are trapped in the demonic depths of a writer’s worst nightmare.

The Library Policeman: You are forced into a hunt for the most horrifying secret a small town ever hid.

The Sun Dog: You are focusing in on a beast bent on shredding your sanity.

You are in the hands of Stephen King at his mind-blowing best, with an extraordinary quartet of full-length novellas.

Stephen King Four Past Midnight

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